a suggestion for some customers…

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grimmstale said: Please Please Please stop calling him your owner! For your own sake!


I quit my frozen yogurt job via voice mail message…

My new favorite customer:

Me: Do you need any help?
Man: I need a lot of help. *twitches*

Saturday, 8/27/11, 9:00 am:

At this point I’m in bed, hitting my blaring alarm back to snooze, trying to pretend I don’t have to be at HealthyFrozenYogurtChain in 1 hour. As I fall back asleep, I receive a call from work. I immediately sit up in bed cursing.
Fuck. I fell asleep. I’m late. I must be late, calls from work almost always mean that I am late.

Me: Sorry.
My Manager: Uhm what? I’m calling to let you know we’re closed because of the hurricane.
Me: Oh, awesome. Good night.
My Manager: Uh yeah. See you next week.

Relieved to have no reason to leave my bed, I roll over and immediately fall back asleep. I am awakened shortly by a text message.

MyCoworkerFromThePizzeria: Hey any chance you can work today?
I consider this proposition. And then I gently place my phone on my floor and go back to sleep.

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Reason #13:

Today at my new job, I told my coworker I was a sophomore in college. She responded “oh my God, you are so OLD!”

The Christmas Store

This is from the Winter I spent personalizing ornaments at The Christmas Store.

Elderly Customer: Can you write Simon, Elizabeth, Joseph, Melissa, Catherine, Lindsay, Matthew, and Doug, Christmas 2010?
Me: Sure! Are these all your grandchildren?
Customer: Oh, no. These are my cats!
Me: Oh…
Customer: They’ll be so happy to see all their names hanging from my tree!

Reason #12:

Told my owner I was quitting. He replied no.


The Most Depressing Wage Gap Statistic You’ve seen today…

To put this in context for you, A woman needs a PhD to make as much as a man with a BA.

Men who have attended College or University but haven’t a degree earn about the same as a woman with a BA

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